Since 1983 FBN has a history of serving institutional clients, we have learned the importance of value-add services and transparency. FBN prides itself on superior client service and understands that we must go above and beyond in order to earn your business. As a trusted partner, we work alongside our clients, operating as an extension of their business. Across trading, research, capital introduction, and capital markets we share our resources to provide ideas and generate results. We are a stable, committed trading partner and our professionals consistently deliver quality information, exceptional guidance, and trading expertise. Our reputation sets us apart and understanding our clients’ needs will remain the cornerstone of growing our business.

FBN Equities

Our agency trading desk has execution expertise in all markets including listed and over-the-counter securities. We focus on providing quality execution and acting as an extension of our client's trading desk. As a partner, our goal is to facilitate a seamless process by implementing specific trading requests with speed, accuracy, and efficiency. We are devoted to protecting our client’s identity and their ability to trade with complete anonymity. Our combination of talented and experienced professionals, sophisticated technology, and direct NYSE access creates a winning formula to achieve the best execution. Furthermore, we avoid proprietary trading and do not commit capital, thus eliminating all conflicts of interest. This unbiased agency approach allows us to focus on what’s most important – the client.

FBN Derivatives

Our experienced, highly skilled derivatives sales and trading professionals work on an agency-only basis, side-by-side with our institutional clients, offering non-conflicted and anonymous execution. With a direct line of communication between portfolio managers, analysts, and traders, the FBN Derivatives team operates as an extension of our client’s trading operation. Our team focuses on managing risk for our clients while working to optimize returns in the derivative markets as a compliment to their current equity portfolio.

FBN Fixed Income

Our fixed-income trading desk acts as a natural fit for our execution services in the equity and derivative markets.  We have developed deep relationships with nearly all of the most important liquidity providers in the credit markets.  Our clients rely on our broad distribution network and skilled sales traders to provide quality execution and liquidity.  Combining these skills with the right technology allows our team to trade anonymously while delivering the best execution.

Capital Introduction​

We utilize an extensive network of contacts to facilitate high quality introductions with some of the top investors of alternatives globally. The program is designed to increase exposure to allocators in these alternative asset classes. Our database of global institutional investors including endowments, pension plans, fund of funds, family offices and high net worth individuals, is utilized to determine investor demand and need for various styles and sectors. We place great emphasis on time management and value the investor community as clients. Our team believes that the process is as important as the presentation and actively participates in the scheduling, preparation, and follow-up of all introductions. It is our intention to assist in the coordination of efforts and play as deep a role as required. In addition, we host various capital introduction and capital raising events for our clients with a goal of introducing top quality established and emerging managers to qualified investors. 

Soft Dollars

As a natural complement to our execution capabilities, we offer the opportunity to credit a portion of each trade executed towards a “soft dollar” account. Our client reporting package delineates information into a single, consolidated monthly or quarterly statement, eliminating the administrative burden associated with multiple soft dollar relationships.

For further information, see Securities Exchange Act of 1934 – Section 28(e) Research Services in Exchange For Brokerage. The section provides a safe harbor to investment managers who use the commission dollars of their advised accounts to obtain investment research and brokerage services (“soft dollar” research) by permitting such persons, under certain circumstances, to “pay up” for such services received from broker-dealers.

Selling Group Participant

We work closely with corporate executives to target specific institutional investors for initial public offerings and secondary offerings that have shown interest in their companies through our corporate access program. We leverage our institutional distribution network to provide the most favorable terms to the issuer, minimize discounts, and maximize proceeds per share. Due to our long standing corporate and institutional relationships, investment banks often offer us the opportunity to act as a selling group member in order to not only reduce their risk but also increase quality distribution.